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Gantz Fic Fail

Trying to understand this plot line gives me a headache.


This self insertion author actually has the balls to call there character Y/N.
Who reads that back to themselves and thinks a job well done?

After rereading ten times I think this is the plot.

Kato googles Gantz.

(If you havent seen the show; him and select few other people on the planet would know what that is and if they spoke of it to anyone Gantz  would blow there heads off  using a chip on there brain but yea ok.

Kei calls him and tells him to meet him at the park.

There they run into Nishi
(another Gantz fighter who they don't get along with but are nice to in this fic for some reason.)

They run into this hot chick with big tits who Kei used to date.

She hugs Kei.

Kato starts crying >.<?

She hugs Nishi who she seems to have just met.

Kei zones out thinking about how hot she is.

Kei and Kato get pissed at each other because they both agreed to not go after her.

She goes out to eat with Nishi.

(Hes years younger then the other characters still being in  middle school so i guess shes a pedophile.)

Random unneeded time skip.

Kato and Kei have sex with her.
Somebody needs to stop writing when there drunk.
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