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bad_fanfiction's Journal

Bad Fanfiction
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This is a community dedicated to the posting and mockery of blatantly terrible fanfiction. By terrible, we mean it includes any of the following:

1.) Totally out of this world pairings. Anne Frank/Goku, for example.

2.) Strange fetishes, such as scat, watersports, blood play, tentacles, furries, and m-preg.

3.) Hilariously bad grammar or spelling. I, robot always makes us laugh.

4.) Mary Sues or Gary Stus.

Keep in mind the stranger, the better. My only guidelines are that members make sure the fanfiction they present is worthy of posting, and include tags with their entries. The requirement for tags is that they describe the fandom out of which the fanfiction came from.

If you have any other questions (or complaints), your maintainers are memory_guilded and d0min0. You can contact us at memorygilded@yahoo.com